Lovers Things to Do in Latvia

Located in the north part of The european union, Latvia is a small country which has a wealthy cultural history. Although the region was once an element of the Soviet Union, this gained the independence in 1991. Aside from the regular suspects, there are a few interesting places to visit.

The Araisi Lake Triplex Site is a must see just for history lovers. The site features a reconstruction of an ancient castle. It re-enacts the lives of Latvia’s predecessors.

Pedvale Art Playground is a little-known, yet cute, spot to visit latvian wome dating in Latvia. This kind of latvian women modern day art area features online and symbolic art. It’s also the only place in Latvia where you can have a boat ride along the river Daugava and enjoy a beautiful view of Riga.

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Unlike the majority of countries in the European Union, Latvia contains preserved its natural information and maintains an unhurried tempo. Aside from the regular tourist attractions, you can visit a secret subway bunker which was converted into a nuclear shelter.

The best thing to try in Linea is to explore the historic outdated town. It is a great place to people watch, savor the local develop and eat a nice meal. The Riga Aviation Museum can be described as fun location to visit if you are keen on aviation. It includes limited hours, but it really is worth the trip.

The Riga’s Three Friends are a fun and interesting system feat. This kind of group of 3 buildings describes the progression of Latvian architecture.