The Best Online Payroll Services for 2022

best payroll software for small business

If you have a business with fewer than 25 employees, this would be a step up from a pen-and-paper method of doing payroll. The brand recognition and years of experience make it ideal for large companies or businesses that plan on growing pretty fast. The lowest-priced plan includes full-service payroll, direct deposit, reporting, and a self-service employee portal. More complete features and HR services come with higher-priced plans. One of the most important aspects of a good online payroll solution is whether it integrates with software you already use.

best payroll software for small business

It has a user-friendly interface and makes payroll tasks a breeze. Gusto has a range of employee onboarding features like best payroll software for small business custom offer letters, document signing and storage, onboarding checklists, even software account creation and management.

Types of Payroll Software for Small Businesses

The Payroll Tax Credit Report shows you what credits you used, when you used them, and which ones are remaining. Our Net to Gross Payroll tool is an easy way to record gift cards given outside of the software or bonuses that you’d like to gross up. Just add in the desired take-home pay, and we’ll do the heavy lifting by calculating the taxes from there. When it comes to your business, it’s good to know where your payroll budget is being spent. With departments, you will be able to use reports to find payroll costs for each of your teams.

What is the best payroll accounting software for small business?

  • #1 OnPay. #2 Patriot.
  • OnPay – Best Small Business Payroll Software of 2022.
  • OnPay: OnPay is No.
  • Patriot – Best Payroll Software for Startups.
  • Patriot: Patriot comes in at No.
  • Block (formerly Square) – Best Payroll Software for Contractors.
  • Block: No.
  • Intuit QuickBooks – Best Payroll for Quick Direct Deposit.

If you’re planning to hire more workers and expand locations, Square is probably too simple for your business’s future needs. A payroll provider with scalable plans, thorough employee benefits, and HR add-ons could work better. We gave you our top recommendations above, but the payroll software market is a crowded one. Here are more small-business payroll solutions worth considering. Thanks to OnPay’s in-house team of insurance brokers, you pay just the premium with no integration fees. And just like Gusto, OnPay can help you find unique employee perks like education savings plans, commuter benefits, and even fertility benefits—a rarity among payroll providers.

Why do Small Businesses Need Payroll Software?

Patriot Software is a robust payroll solution that helps users simplify their payroll and regulatory compliance processes. The solution contains all the basics, covering you from W-2s to year-end reports. Whether they are paid in cash, online, or direct transfer, Patriot Software will keep everything accurate under one centralized hub. This software can help you simplify and automate the process of paying your employees. From computing deductions and benefits to producing payslips, these SaaS products will allow you to reduce cycle times while ensuring calculation accuracy.

Paychex is a complete payroll and human resources platform for small and large businesses. The comprehensive features make it easy to switch between basic business needs and benefit from full compliance monitoring. Before you pursue the best payroll software, you should first have a thorough understanding of what these services are capable of. Payroll software replaces processes that often involve data entry, time cards, paper checks, and manual bookkeeping. Just make sure you’re using the right payroll application for your business. If you’re not sure where to start, check out The Ascent’s comprehensive payroll software reviews. TRAXPayroll offers complete tax reporting and filing for your company, eliminating the need to calculate and remit taxable wages reports and payments manually.

Top 6 Payroll Software for Small Businesses

However, in recent years, more businesses have turned to full-service payroll applications for their payroll processing needs. With Payroll4Free, you can process a complete payroll for your business online at no cost. For a small monthly fee, this software will also process and file your payroll taxes. An intuitive user interface, minimal data-entry requirements, and a three-step payroll process lets even a complete novice run payroll with ease. Ideal for small businesses with fewer than 10 employees, this software provides all the necessary features and functions a payroll application should have. Paycor is the best payroll system for small businesses that need a full human capital management system with payroll processing features. Paycor boasts an intuitive and modern-looking user interface that may appeal to smaller businesses that need some extra hand-holding.

  • Though slightly lacking in payroll-related tools and resources, the software offers an astonishing number of HR resources and compliance tools, including videos, webinars, white papers, and guides.
  • Unlike Gusto, which provides health insurance only in 39 states, Paychex lets you offer health insurance in all states in the United States.
  • Also, employees can view their accrual balances, schedules, and timesheets, as well as request time-offs without going through a complex approval process.
  • Because Paycor is highly customizable, the vendor offers it via individualized quotes.
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You should also consider payroll software that integrates with other software that is crucial to your business operations, such as accounting software. However, we recommend using spreadsheet software in combination with a payroll calculator and only if you have 15 or fewer employees. (You should also be super confident in your document organization skills.) While spreadsheets can help you calculate payroll taxes, they can’t guarantee that those calculations are accurate. If you can afford it, we recommend using cheap self-service plans from payroll providers like Wave, SurePayroll, or Patriot Software. All three options give you a solid organizational system, accurate tax calculations, and accounting software integration to make bank reconciliation super easy. Wave Payroll’s $20 self-service plan has all the basics, including self-service employee portals, contractor payments, and direct deposit.